You might have to say no to others so you can say yes to your work

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Advice for young writers

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Holding space = not taking things personally

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Sure, it’s objectively good to get more money and demonstrate progression, but what is your ultimate goal?

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It’s simple (but not exactly easy)

Don’t wait: Be happy now. // Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

The unbearable lightness of writing

You see what I’m saying, right? // Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

Even though I made every mistake in the book and got ringworm

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A portrait of the artist as a young crank

Thanks, I hate it. // Photo by Katie Gerrard on Unsplash

Is She Weird

Honestly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought

I wouldn’t trade my years of chain-smoking while watching German New Wave cinema for anything, but it when it was time to let go, it was time. Photo by Dimitri Bong on Unsplash

Hint: Let the world be alive

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  1. The couch loves me by holding me up.
  2. My car loves me by telling me when it needs oil and gas.
  3. My body loves me by alarming me when I need to get more sleep or eat less salt.
  4. A zucchini loves me by climbing out of the ground, getting in a box, and coming to my house, where it also loves me by waiting in the refrigerator while I try to figure out what to do with it.
  5. My cats love me by gifting me with dead mice and using…

Sarah Smith

Novelist. Tarotist, poet, lazy Virgo. Nothing is real; magic is real. Writing is a way to see in the dark., @braindoggies

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